Thea Portefaix

Cert. Nutritionist

Hatha Yoga Teacher


Reena Lindorff

Co-founder Yoga Breakfast Club


Yoga Breakfast Club


Our vision is to introduce a morning ritual where the focus is to rejuvenate you.

We offer an environment within our studio or your company, to bring the benefits of a much needed, perfect start to the day.

The routine begins with an energising yoga practice for all levels, followed by a nutritious breakfast ‘Namaskara Platter’.

The traditional yoga flow with meditation awakens the body, and the indulging wholesome, vegetarian breakfast platter, planned by our nutritionist, compliments the goodness and benefits of yoga.

Wednesdays at 06.50 and 08.30

Or call us to personalise a day or event, then leave it to us to create a meaningful morning!

Tel. 0703 - 73 58 63

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